Welcome! I want to thank you on behalf of our entire KREMC team for entrusting us to provide safe, reliable, and affordable electricity to you.  As an electric cooperative with over 18,000 accounts in several counties, we value each of our members and look forward to serving you in the years to come.

Since we first brought electricity to rural areas in Kosciusko County in 1939, KREMC has consistently offered the lowest rates in the state of Indiana. We invest in technologies that help us maintain a steady and safe source of power for our members, and remain committed to helping our community grow and remain successful.

If there is anything we can do to make your service experience with us better, please let us know.

Very kind regards,

Kurt Carver


  • KREMC Headquarters

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Kosciusko REMC is dedicated to safely providing quality electric energy and services to customers at a competitive cost. We value integrity, accountability, innovation and commitment to community above all else.
Kosciusko REMC is governed by nine individuals, who make up the KREMC Board of Directors. The directors are as follows: William Jr. Stump (Chairman), Dan Tucker (Vice-Chairman), John Hand (Secretary-Treasurer), Terry Bouse, Kim Buhrt, Tony Fleming, Pam Messmore, Steve Miner, and Rick Parker.  Each individual serving on the board is a member of KREMC, and was voted in by you, the members.
Just like in other counties at the time, there were a few farms in Kosciusko that the private power companies would serve, but the price for electricity was higher than they could afford. President Roosevelt changed that in 1935 by establishing the Rural Electrification Administration (REA), a program to help distribute electricity to rural areas. On November 2, 1935, the Kosciusko County Farm Bureau met in Wayne Township for the annual business meeting. Wilson Taylor, from the IFB, was a guest speaker who talked with members about forming a rural electrification cooperative. Several members met with him after the meeting and 11 signed articles of incorporation. Soon after, bylaws were formed and the first group of directors was elected.

What Is A Co-op?

What is a cooperative and how is it different from a private, for-profit electric company? Watch this video for the quick answer!

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