Distributed Generation 

Before electric cooperatives began stringing power lines through rural America, many farm families made do with their own sources of electric generation. Noisy, often unreliable technologies like steam engines, windmills, and ram pumps were the only options available to make electricity a part of daily life.

Today, the cutting-edge cousins of these early generators can be spotted in a number of settings: a solar panel on your neighbor’s roof, or perhaps even a wind turbine at the high school down the road.

These mini power plants, called distributed generation or on-site power, make up one percent of all electricity generated in the United States. For consumers, distributed generation can stand in as emergency backup power, provide greater independence, make an environmental statement, and in some cases can decrease electric utility bills.

To assist our members, we have developed materials to navigate the complex process from project conception to completion. If you have any questions please contact your KREMC engineering department 574-267-6331 or distgen@kremc.com.

Check List to Connection

  • Do Your Research!  To help here are a few resources: Office of Energy Efficiency (www.energy.gov), American Wind Energy Association (www.awea.org),  Energy Information Administration (www.eia.doe.gov),  Environmental Protection Agency (www.epa.gov)
  • Read Distributed Generation Interconnections Requirements Packet (download)
  • Complete Application (download) and email to distgen@kremc.com
  • Meet with KREMC  to review project  and answer any billing questions
  • Sign Contract for Interconnections Agreement (download) and provide supporting documents
When my system produces excess electricity, what is the kWh rate paid by KREMC?
Does the Kosciusko REMC offer “net metering?”
Where does KREMC get the reading?
How do I receive the funds from my excess generation?
Are there different rates for various sized systems?
How long will it take for me to start generating electricity?
Are there any equipment standards?