Whether it’s time to purchase a new electric water heater, or you’re looking to install a new geothermal system, don’t miss out on rebate savings offered to the members of Kosciusko REMC.  The Member Services team is available to help with any questions you might have. (574) 267-6331.

Water Heater Rebates

  • Gas to electric replacement $125.00
  • New construction water heater $125.00
  • Desuperheater water heater with GEO $50.00

Geothermal Rebate

  • New Geothermal system $250.00

Heat Pump Rebate

  • New air source heat pump system $150.00

Programmable Thermostat 

  • New programmable thermostat  up to $25.00
Rebate Process

Power Moves Rebate Program

In partnership with Wabash Valley Power Association (who generates and transmits our power), KREMC is proud to offer another line of rebates, incentives, and ways to save on your electric cost through the POWERMOVES® program. POWERMOVES® offers you all sorts of tips that make your home or business more energy efficient, as well as programs and incentives that make it easier and less expensive to replace inefficient old appliances, switch to more efficient lighting, and find other ways to save on your electric bills every month.

HVAC Rebates

  • Air source heat pump – replacing resistance heat – $750*
  • Air source heat pump – replacing propane or fuel oil – $750*
  • Air source heat pump – replacing all electric air source – $250*
  • Geothermal heat pump – replace resistance heat – $1,500*
  • Geothermal – replacing propane or natural gas – $1,500*
  • Geothermal – new home construction – $1,500*
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Water Heater Rebate

  • Heat pump water heater – replacing electric water heater – $400*
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*Restrictions apply, please visit powermoves.com for program applications, full details, and most accurate rebate amounts.

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