Simply Round-Up your electric bill and make a difference
in the lives of people in need in our community.


Kosciusko REMC Operation Round-Up Charity

Join together to help Warsaw and Kosciusko County Indiana Operation Round-Up is a voluntary program in which KREMC members pool their resources together to help those in need.  The concept is simple: each month, KREMC members who have volunteered for the program allow us to round up their bill to the next dollar.  For example, if a member has an electric bill of $53.86, that bill would be rounded up to $54.00, with 14 cents being donated to the program.  If a member has multiple accounts, they can decide if they would like each account rounded up or just one. Each participating member, on average, contributes approximately $6.00 a year.

The money is then deposited into the Kosciusko REMC Operation Round-Up fund, held at the Kosciusko County Community Foundation. A voluntary advisory committee, comprised of KREMC members, meets regularly to review applications for Operation Round-Up grants, and to make grant recommendations.  Any individual or organization in Kosciusko REMC’s service area is eligible to apply for a grant from the trust.  Funds will not be used to pay utility bills or go towards political campaigns. Grant applications are due the 1st of the following months: February, May, August, November.

For more information, call KREMC at 574.267.6331.  To opt out, please fill out the below brochure form and mail to KREMC or email us at mail [at] with your account number and name.

Brochure/Opt-Out Form

Grant Application