outage-headerPower outages are never welcome and, for the most part, unexpected. We rely on electricity so much for our daily lives that when an outage occurs, it’s a disruption. However, if you know what to do and the safety precautions to take, you’ll be better able to weather it.

First, before calling KREMC, check to see if others in your area are without power. If those around you have power, check your home’s panel box. A blown fuse or tripped circuit could be at fault. If you’ve determined that the outage isn’t due to an issue on your end, or if it’s a widespread outage, report it. Don’t assume others have done so already. Once you have reported the outage, please know the line crews will work diligently to restore power. Make sure you are connected to the KREMC’s social media pages to receive restoration updates.

Other tips to keep in mind during an outage:

  • Avoid downed power lines around your home. The lines could still be energized.
  • Use generators, grills, and similar items outdoors only.
  • Turn off appliances and electronics to prevent circuit overload when the power returns. Leave a lamp on, though, so that you know when power is restored.
  • Have an emergency kit on hand containing items such as bottled water, batteries and flashlights.
  • Keep the door to your refrigerator or freezer closed. If your door seals are tight, your food will normally be safe for several hours. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends throwing away food that has warmed to more than 40F.

No one wants or likes a power outage. However, knowing the steps to take during a outage will keep you safe and help you through it.