1. Plan your project. Know where you plan to dig. Mark the designated area with white paint or flags.
  2. Call 811. A representative will give you a ticket number and a list of utilities responding to your request.
  3. Wait for the marks. Marking typically takes two working days. If you call on a Tuesday, utilities have Wednesday and Thursday to mark your dig site. Each utility marks its lines with an assigned color.
  4. Compare. After two full working days, confirm that utility operators have visited your dig location by comparing the colors of the marks with the list of utilities 811 gave you. If a utility does not locate a conflict, it will call you or paint an “OK” in the appropriate color.
  5. Dig with care. Once your site is marked, you can begin digging. State law mandates a 2-foot safety zone on either side of utility markings. You may only dig with hand tools in the safety zone.
digging tips