boating-headingEveryone knows that water and electricity don’t mix, yet thousands of accidents occur each year that result in injury or death.

Consider the following tips and ensure that both the kids and adults around you know their importance.

  • Always check the location of nearby power lines before boating or fishing. Maintain a distance of at least 10 feet between your boat and nearby lines.
  • If your boat comes in contact with a power line, never jump into the water. The water could be energized. Instead, stay in the boat and avoid touching anything metal until help arrives or your boat is no longer in contact with the line.
  • Likewise, if a swimmer is shocked or electrocuted, don’t dive in yourself. You could then be electrocuted as well. Turn off the power, then use a fiberglass shepherd’s hook to pull the victim out of the water.
  • When getting out of the water, don’t touch any electrical appliances, including radios, until you are dry and standing on a dry surface.