Schedule WP
Unmetered Wastewater Pumping Service


This rate is available to members of Kosciusko Rural Electric Membership Corporation (KREMC) that are private or governmental entities to provide unmetered service for the pumping and removal of residential and small commercial sewage water. No single pump may exceed 2.0 horsepower energy rating or have a maximum energy consumption exceeding 225 kilowatt hours per year.


Alternating current, sixty hertz, single-phase, at 120/240 volts, or such other voltage as might be mutually agreed upon.


The rate for unmetered service under this schedule shall consist of a monthly service charge of $50.00 per month, plus the following charge for each pump connected to KREMC facilities.

Pumps of 1.1 HP or less                                                                                          $3.04 per month

Pumps greater than 1.1 HP and not to exceed 2 HP                                              $4.69 per month

For example, one account with ten 2 HP pumps would incur a monthly charge of $96.90, plus tax. Installations requiring a new transformer will be charged an additional $1.60 per month. If additional wire is required a charge of $0.45 per foot will apply.


The Member must notify KREMC, in advance, of the time and date of the proposed installations so that the Cooperative may verify the number of pumps installed and make necessary connections to KREMC facilities. Member agrees to allow KREMC to audit the records of Member’s wastewater pumping system, up to two times per year to verify the number and size of the pumps located on KREMC’s lines.

At its sole discretion, KREMC may install metering devices on one or more pumps to verify demand and energy consumption levels of installed pumps. Member is not responsible for reporting meter readings. If any pumps do not meet the size limitations and energy consumption levels authorized for this rate are found to be operating on KREMC’s lines, it may require the Member to remove the pump at the Member’s expense.


Bills for service rendered under this Schedule are net and shall be due and payable monthly.  If not paid within seventeen (17) days of the due date, the gross bill, which shall include a late payment charge of 3.125% of net billing, shall be the amount to be paid.  When the seventeenth day falls on Saturday, Sunday or a legal holiday, the next business day shall be the final day for net payment.


  1. Service shall be provided in accordance with the provisions set forth in the KREMC policies and bylaws and rate schedule Appendix B.
  2. Kosciusko REMC reserves the right to assign individual members to the rate that is deemed most appropriate and fair to the membership as a whole.

Board Approved:  June 28, 2010
Effective Date:  October 1, 2016
Revised Date:  June 27, 2016