Any member of the Kosciusko Rural Electric Membership Corporation (KREMC) with permanently installed irrigation or grain dryer equipment load requiring installed transformer capacity in excess of 50 kVA and having a separate service through a separate meter must take service under this rate schedule.


Alternating current, 60 hertz, at 120/240 volts, or such other voltage as might be mutually agreed upon.


Service Charge
$34.00 per month

Demand Charge (monthly)
$2.90 per kW of maximum demand

Energy Charge
$0.1347 per kWh


The Maximum Demand shall be the maximum average kilowatt demand used by the consumer for any period of fifteen (15) consecutive minutes (or more) during the month for which the bill is rendered as indicated or recorded by a maximum demand meter installed by KREMC.


If at any time the average power factor is measured at less than 90% (Lagging), metered billing demand (kW) will be multiplied by the ratio of 90%, the resultant then divided by the power factor as a percent to derive billing demand.


Bills for service rendered under this Schedule are net and shall be due and payable monthly.  If not paid within seventeen (17) days of the due date, the gross bill, which shall include a late payment charge of 3.125% of net billing, shall be the amount to be paid.  When the seventeenth day falls on Saturday, Sunday or a legal holiday, the next business day shall be the final day for net payment.


1.   Service shall be provided in accordance with the provisions set forth in the Kosciusko REMC policies, bylaws and rate schedule Appendices A and B.

2.   In general, motors having a rated capacity in excess of ten horsepower (10 H.P.) must be multi-phase.

3.   In those cases where the member is not located adjacent to multi-phase lines of KREMC, service will be rendered only after the member will give satisfactory assurance by means of a written agreement as to the character, amount, and duration of the business offered.

4.   Kosciusko REMC may require corrective measures or devices for any motor or apparatus, which, in the opinion of the cooperative, will cause voltage fluctuation to other members.  Unless otherwise permitted, the maximum primary voltage fluctuation is three percent (3%).

5.   Contract term shall not be less than one year.

6.   Kosciusko REMC reserves the right to assign individual members to the rate that is deemed most appropriate and fair to the membership as a whole.

7.   Kosciusko REMC reserves the right to adjust the Service Charge if standard monthly meter reading and bill presentment is not being practiced (i.e., bi-weekly billing and meter reading, etc.).

8.   Members with permanently installed grain-drying or irrigation equipment load requiring installed transformer capacity in excess of 50 kVA, WITHOUT a separate service through a separate meter shall have the choice between taking service under Schedule LP or upgrading the service, at the member’s cost, to include a separate meter, thereby qualifying for service under this rate schedule.

Board Approved:  February 26, 2007
Effective Date:  October 1, 2016
Revised Date:  June 27, 2016