KREMC prepares to assist in recovery after hurricane Irma rips through the south-eastern part of our country. Today, Bruce Goslee, president and CEO of KREMC, issued the directive to deploy a KREMC crew along with 30 other Indiana electric cooperative crews to aid in restoration. An estimated 60 Indiana electric cooperative linemen are preparing to assist electric cooperatives in Georgia. “With the storm expected to move into Indiana we do need to consider the needs of our members at home first, but there is no question our guys are eager to help those trying to rebuild after the storms,” said Goslee. “They take tremendous pride in representing KREMC and the state of Indiana.”

“Every cooperative in the Indiana electric cooperative family is an integral part of a state and national network of hundreds of fellow cooperatives,” said Gayvin Strantz, vice president of job training and safety for Indiana Electric Cooperatives. “It is incumbent upon us to work together and help one another in times of disaster, to make sure our power delivery systems are repaired as quickly, safely and cost-effectively as possible.”

The Indiana electric cooperative mutual aid program is coordinated by Indiana Electric Cooperative’s job training and safety department and provides cooperative assistance in service restoration from storms or other events that result in significant power outages.

“Of course, there is no way to know how long the restoration process will take. There is no doubt these guys will be working in hazardous conditions. If additional aid is needed, KREMC is prepared to send other crews down to the region.” said Goslee.