Mr. Adams - 43 years of service to kosciusko remcGreat companies are built by great employees who are dedicated to the success of the company’s mission. We owe much to our lead lineman, Phil Adams.

Phil was hired as a groundman by KREMC 43 years ago. Throughout his years of service, Phil was promoted twice, eventually serving as a lead lineman. “Phil was an integral part of this cooperative.” said KREMC president and CEO, Bruce Goslee, “He knew the system better than anyone here, he was an essential member of the team.”

Over the years, Phil has passed along his intricate knowledge of the KREMC system to countless linemen whom he trained. As a key component of KREMC, Phil was a hard worker, a wise teacher, and a steady and reliable friend.

We wish you the very best in your retirement, Phil. The rest and relaxation that retirement brings is well deserved. Thank you for 43 years of top notch service. You will be missed.