When your power goes out, we know it and we’re on it.

For general updates to large outages, you can check Facebook. If you follow our page, you’ll be automatically updated with our restoration progress.



Report An Outage

To report an outage, call 574-267-6331 and press 1. Before reporting an outage, please check all your breakers and verify if any neighbors or fellow businesses have power.

Stay Safe!

Please read our safety tips to prepare for an outage.

Be Prepared

How Are Electrical Outages Restored?

When electricity goes out, most of us expect power will be restored within a few hours. But when a major storm causes widespread damage, longer outages may result. Co-op line crews work long, hard hours to restore service safely to the greatest number of consumers in the shortest time possible. If you find yourself in the dark, here’s what’s going on (SELECT IMAGE TO ENLARGE):

How does KREMC work to restore power?