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A Touchstone Energy Cooperative

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Kosciusko REMC is a member of the following organizations:

Wabash Valley Power Association

Indiana Statewide Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives

National Rural Electric Cooperatives Association

Touchstone Energy

Indiana Chamber of Commerce

Warsaw Kosciusko County Chamber of Commerce

Kosciusko Economic Development Corporation
Email: knance@kdi-in.com

Builder's Association of Kosciusko/Fulton County

National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation (CFC)

Electric Consumer Newsletter
Kosciusko REMC provides the Electric Consumer to our members every month. This publication is produced by the Indiana Statewide Association of RECs and contains four local pages produced by Kosciusko REMC in the center section. These pages contain information exclusively for the members of Kosciusko REMC. On these local pages, you will receive notification of cooperative business issues, rate changes, and other important information. It is important for members to read these local pages every month to stay current on cooperative business. You may read the Electric Consumer on line at www.electricconsumer.org; however, this copy will not contain the Kosciusko REMC local pages. To reference local pages, please click on the News/Information button, and click on “Electric Consumer local pages”

Touchstone Energy®
In 1998, Kosciusko REMC joined a partnership with Touchstone Energy® -- a nationwide alliance of electric cooperatives. Touchstone Energy distinguishes co-ops throughout the country under one nationally recognized brand. Touchstone Energy cooperatives adhere to four operating principles, which include integrity, accountability, innovation and a commitment to community. The Touchstone Energy partnership is a way for us to expand our service by sharing ideas and advanced technologies with other cooperatives around the country.

More than 700 electric cooperatives across the United States have launched the Touchstone Energy brand to promote the advantages of locally-owned power providers, and that members of cooperatives are the owners of the business. "As we prepare for an increasingly competitive electric utility industry, Touchstone Energy helps to identify cooperatives as the energy partner you can count on for personalized service, affordable rates and high-tech services," said Steve Rhodes, President and CEO of Kosciusko REMC. Rhodes serves as a director on the national Touchstone Energy board.

The Power of Human Connections
As electric cooperatives, we are different from investor-owned utilities -- we are owned by our members. Our connections with people form the basis for customer relationships. When you're a member of a Touchstone Energy® cooperative, your energy needs are provided by local people you know. They're responsive, accountable and professional. They're the same people who have given you dependable service for years. They're the ones who are your neighbors and work with you to make your community the best it can be. And they're the ones who'll be around in an emergency when you need them. We are a locally-owned and locally-controlled power company that is connected to our members with personal service -- the real power of human connections. We provide for your energy needs with customized, local service-yet since we're part of a nationwide alliance of suppliers, we have the technology and the strength of a nation-wide network to ensure dependable, low cost energy.